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SUPer Mates

SUPer Mates at Anchored Soul

Building Morale, Promoting Friendships & Saving Lives!

5% of proceeds will go into the Anchored Soul SUPer Mates fund for bullied youth

This embellished logo was designed for the Anchored Soul SUPer Mates which is a program built specifically for bullied youth. It’s a sad reality that children have to face being judged and mistreated because of their differences. Bullies have been around through all generations acting out of spite & jealousy. However, there is no escape for today’s generation and future generations due to the popularity of social media. When I was a child bullies could only strike their attacks during school hours and as soon as that last bell rang kids were free to escape to the safety of their homes and the loving arms of their family. No one, especially children, should ever be made to feel unworthy of being loved or unworthy of life! Unfortunately, we are not programmed with this courtesy when we are born. It is something we must be taught by our parents and those that surround us as we grow.

The focus of this program is to provide a safe place and common ground for teens and pre-teens who are bullied by their peers. An environment where they feel free to be themselves without fear of judgement and humiliation and can create lasting friendships. It only takes 1 friend to save a life!

“One Friend Saves A Life!”

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